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Me + UX Design = Love

I envision and design captivating digital experiences.

A Little Bit About Me

I whole-heartedly love what I do. I am no stranger to the all-nighter and in no way object to them, especially when I am engaged and passionate about a project. I am unsettled if I’m not in love with a color palette or if I don’t feel the font adequately matches the brand identity or general message. I believe the layout has to make an impact and every component must serve a purpose. I am an admirer of clean code, new fonts, motion graphics, catchy slogans, and color schemes that are "just right."

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What I Rock At

User Experience
Project Management
Adobe Creative Suite

Helvetica is like a really good friend. You go off and hang with the other fonts (the artsy, grungy, trendy, thin, fat, tall, scripty types) and even use them a little, but helvetica is always there. A nice stable friend.

- Andrew Frigo -

Skills & Proficiencies

Responsive Web Design

As a responsive design specialist I'm always concerned with
functionality and userability cross-platform.


There’s way too much talk about CSS and XHTML and Standards and Accessibility and not enough talk about people. CSS and Standards Compliant Code are just tools – you have to know what to build with these tools. Great, I’m glad your UI doesn’t use tables. So what? Who cares if it still doesn’t let people achieve their goals.

- Jason Fried -

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Sabrina's HQ

11450 SW 102nd Street
Miami, FL 33176

P: 305.439.0805
E: sabcgordon@gmail.com